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Temporary Hell

...Because Hell is a (temporary) place on earth.

Temping and the temps that do it (temporarily)
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Tempathy is the community dedicated to those people reading (probably while at work) who get paid to do someone else's job. That's right, temps.

We're the ones that no one respects, the ones that no one offers to eat lunch with, the people who are (for the most part) excluded from the power struggles, the corporate ladder climbing. Rarely do we do something that saves a life, but we're always there, answering your phones and lifting your boxes. And, because of it, we've got some damn funny stories.

Anyone can post their most embarassing, their most unpleasant, their most gut wrenchingly funny temping story.

We'll all going to do our best to provide the sympathy (the tempathy) that we temps rarely get anywhere else.

Now, before we begin, some ground rules. Consider this your training.

First and foremost, do not, under any circumstances, post about something unrelated to temping. Nothing personal, but we really don't care. There are other communities to address your sex life, your dieting habits and that itchy redness caused by either or both.

Secondly, don't go posting anything obscene unless it's behind a "Not Work Safe" LJ cut. Many people read at work, and as most of them are probably temps here, we don't want to lose them an assignment now do we?

Third, and I don't want to sound like a school marm, but if you can't say something nice then perhaps you should just shut your dirty little mouth. Be considerate to your fellow temps, we're all in it together. And, of course, if you're an ass, you will be removed.

Fourth, don't go posting about other communities. It's not that we don't like other communities, in fact, we love other communities, we just don't really want the competition. Plus, it's not temp related, now is it.

Fifth, though we're not opposed to the asking of (temp related) questions, let's make sure they're not the focus of the community. Really, the intention here is to laugh at each other's misery, oops, I mean, to provide sympathy. Also, the question "What's a good temp agency in (your city here)?" can be answered quite simply with the help of Google or a yellow pages book.

Lastly, and this is just my own personal pet peeve, but if you're going to post something, try to spell as much of it correctly as you possibly can. LJ offers a spell check for a reason. Furthermore, obnoxious formatting (a font with a weird color, or all caps, or whatever else you come up with) will make me, personally, hate you.

Other than that have fun.