Laura B (majortom_thecat) wrote in tempathy,
Laura B

A New Friend

It looks like my boyfriend and I won't be able to move into an apartment in town until at least one of us has a non-temp job.  I could easilly get a non-temp job at a fast food place or something, then go back to the better paying temp jobs after the move.  But that would be silly.

As soon as we move into town we can get rid of the car and bus/bike everywhere!  I'm most excited about that.  The fact that I'm not employed enough to get an apartment kinda makes me feel like a bum even though I get a gold star on the other requirement - solid employment for the past two years.

Where my boyfriend temps on-and-off, I guess he's kind of like the stray cat that comes and goes?  They like him, but can't keep him around on a steady basis.  Yesterday they said they're getting him a new friend.  I had to laugh because it reminded me of the way I got a new kitten for my cat when he was lonely.
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